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Ancestral Research
Employment related facilities, i.e. Professions, Occupations, Job Titles etc.

Apprentices - From Derbyshire working in London.

Architects - Dictionary of Irish Architects, includes builders and craftsmen 1720-1940. Searchable with some background info

Architects - Dictionary of Scottish Architects

Architects - British/Irish, 1600-1840, includes related material

Basket Makers - 19c Norfolk, England. 304 people listed in 1881 with DoB. Also has other counties listed

British Manufacturing History - Graces Guide, excellent resource

Blacksmiths - Covers various areas of the UK, US, Canada, Australia etc., in list form, also some allied trades.

Clergy - Church of England 1540-1835, searchable database

Coalmining History
 - (UK) Excellent resource

Coalmining History - (Scotland) Excellent resource

Fishermen - [Hull] Link takes you to the genealogy section. Plenty of related info on this site.

Lloyds Lists - [Mariners] Captains and Mates

Mariner's Page [UK] - Looks to be a very comprehensive site on all things UK mariners.

Marine Memorials - 1939-1945 [WW2] searchable database

Maritime Archives - There is a lot of info here, not yet fully reviewed, worth a look. There are indexes of mariners online in the CLIP section.

Merchant Navy Seamen - [UK] Searchable records 1835-1941 [Family Search].

Naval Social History - 1793-1920. This has been included because of its all-round value, well worth a look.

Nurses Registers - [NSW, Australia] Searchable index 1926-1954 [Ongoing project].

Old Occupations - Index with meanings.

Old Occupations - Scotland, with meanings.

Police Appointments - [NSW, Australia] Searchable index 1852-1913.

Railway Employees - Canada [Employees provident Fund] Searchable facility.

Sheffied [Eng] Trades - Searchable index, various directories/dates

Teacher Record Books - [Victoria, Australia] Index 1863-1959

Teacher Rolls - [NSW, Australia] Searchable index 1869-1908

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